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Administrative and Regulatory / Public Law, Government Relations / Public Procurement (Government Contracts)

Nowadays, companies of all sizes are seriously affected by the actions, rules, regulations, and laws issued by the Costa Rican Government. Many small, medium, and large companies know little or nothing about how the administrative claims work or even how to protect their rights and priviliges in court against the State and its agencies. This is why -Guardia, Montes & Asociados- has a team dedicated to support you in the defense of your rights and in filing any necessary administrative or legal claims to achieve this purpose.

Administrative proceedings, administrative claims, and administrative appeals are part of the range of work we offer to our clients.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, our clients are not only interested in filing claims against Costa Rican Government actions that harm their businesses, but are also interested in establishing relationships, grow their businesses, and expand the range of products and services that they may provide to the government. In Guardia, Montes & Asociados we have a experts in public procurement that may assist you in drafting contracts, in participating in tenders, in obtaining additional benefits of the existing relationships, and in expanding commercial guarantees that are subject to Public and Administrative Law.

Furthermore, our firm keeps up with the lawmaking process, public administration policies, and with the rules proposed by the local government; therefore, we normally anticipate the possible impacts these may have and how they could affect our clients and their interests.

We would be happy to help you meet your requirements and we would be proud and honored to work together with you in the achievement of your business goals.

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